Love at work are passionate, strategic creatives with expert knowledge in communication and social media. 

Content is our game. We tell brand stories and craft strategies that travel across any media platform. We help you reach out with your true message, that particular thing that is you and no one else. Love at work has expert knowledge in place branding and building sustainable attraction and growth. We truly believe that the world needs Swedish Lapland.  


What we do

 Love at work is a partner working together with you – collaboration and giving you the right tools is always part of our process. We can help you build your brand from the very start of the process, or work with an existing platform creating action plans and finding new ways of reaching your audiences.  


Analysis and strategy might not sound like fun, but it shows clear results on the bottom line. Making all those tough choices that in the end makes you save both resources and energy. Love at work are all senior consultants with extensive experience of communication and social media. We help you develop sustainable strategies with a focus on action that will give your brand a head start.  


Putting the strategy into action, making your brand the topic of conversation. We are redefining PR to Personal Relations. Forget B2B and B2C – People to People is the focus in todays media landscape. Being honest, transparent and personal will help you build brand ambassadors. Content that engages your audiences and choosing the channels where your target groups already are a part of is our road to success.


Design is so much more than colour and shapes. It's about conveying a massage, making sense and organizing for greater usability and telling your brand story by using every tool available. We help you conceptualize and visualize your brand and to develop new services and products with your strategy as guide. And we make sure that your online environment is accessible and easy to manage on your end.

love + work = evolution

Every day we are faced with a number of choices. Some are easy, others not. Sometimes meaningful, often trivial. Us deciding to work together was a simple choice. And very meaningful. All of us have different backgrounds, and together we have accumulated lots of experience. We met at work and found an exciting and challenging dynamic. What we do have in common is a passion for great communication and making our clients into stars. And we have fun at work!

Ella Jonsson

Author, copywriter and brand strategist with a passion for content marketing. Ella will become your brand voice when needed. Place branding-specialist with several years experience of working with Visit Sweden and regional brands. She also has a clear voice of her own with several projects both published and on-going.

Lars Huring

Creative, interaction designer and online strategist with nerdy knowledge about all webstuff. Lars is your map and compass in the digital era and designs functionally and beautifully. A specialist in making the most of your online presence and making sure that you can be in the driving seat in your conversations with your brand followers.

Therese Olofsson

Creative and communications strategist with a higher purpose in life of creating great ideas that will turn audiences into brand ambassadors. Therese is great at  crafting concepts that helps your strategy come to life. Her vast experience in place branding has only further convinced her that context is everything.

Get in touch!

You can find us pretty much anywhere and all the time, so choose your channel – we're pretty much everywhere. And if you stop by our office we'll guide you the best our region has to offer! 

Love at work AB
c/o Huvudkontoret
Kyrkogatan 16
SE-972 32 Luleå
Swedish Lapland


Love at work truly belive in modern entrepreneurship where network and action is the core. Love at work is a part of c/o Huvudkontoret (c/o Head Office) together with creative colleagues at Märkvärdig design agency, webb and event experts Meramedia and game innovators Turborilla. We share inspiration, work and space in downtown Luleå in Swedish Lapland.