The way we behave

After the first intense day as SXSW Interactive, a large group of Swedes, from Luleå in the north to Malmö in the south, gather at The Grackle on 1700 6th Street to digest all impressions together with a cold beer and some nice food straight from the trucks outside. Thank you FEW for picking up the tab, we were at least 100 p! Generous!


It might sound wired that we cross the pond and hang out with other Swedes, but the fact is that it would be pretty much impossible to achieve the same thing back home. We meet alot of new people, have some awesome conversations and crazy ideas mixed with interesting new insights. Much due to the fact that here in Austin, people share. And above that we are bursting with inspiration after todays talks and all other fun things that keeps getting in our way over here. 

Me, myself, was quite overwhelmed with Daniel Pinks great lecture ”Fear, Shame, Empathy & other ways to change behavior”. He boiled down his message to seven methods to use in communication in order to change peoples behavior:
1. Use fear in the right way (iii, this one scares me a bit. Will start trying it at home with my kids...)
2. Questions to change behavior
3. Social proof
4. Rhymes and repetition
5. Peer review 
6. Personify the message
7. Try stuff

As day two begins there is yet another packed schedule ahead. Todays mission is having a cute St Bernard coming to the rescue with a Mopfie charger when the phone dies. Just tweet a screenshot of your dying battery to @mophie and #mophierescue wait for your knight i furry armor. I tell you: babies and animals. (Should be added to the list of behaviour incentives above.) 

Image: @mophie (Instagram)

Image: @mophie (Instagram)