Shit yeah!

Day two started in a grand way with a favorite from last years SXSW: Michael Nieling from Ocupop, a small firm that works with large brands and have offices in Hawaii and Aspen amongst other places. 

Back then, the title draw us in: ”How to say fuck NO and still have them love you”. Insanely fun and inspiring to listen to, Michael left a strong impression and the message "dare to be experts and stand up for your competence, dare to say no". We've tried the concept during the year, and yes – it works. And this year he's back again with ”Screw Fuck No, Say Shit Yeah”. What an amazing performer! He generously shares loads of personal stories and anecdotes mied with professional learnings. And he encourages us to follow his SXSW-rules: go to parties, skip sessions and hand out with new people and old friends. 

We start straight away and scrambles our program for the day. Instead of following the plan we through ourselves into the unknown. And we stumble into some really great sessions: How food, drink and restaurants help drive city development (new ideas for current projects), about ways for museums (MoMa and PS1 in NYC amongst other) to reach new audiences by integrating the visitors in the exhibitions – which become an experience both offline and online. It's all about engagement and activation. To be relevant and interesting. Dare to challenge, test and say yes. Even more ideas for current assignments!   

Justin Elliott, celebrity cocktologist. What a cool title ;)

Justin Elliott, celebrity cocktologist. What a cool title ;)

The last "session" of the day is a craft cocktail-hour at The Driskill (we love that amazing hotel) hosted by Kitchen-aid. We taste great cocktails under the chandeliers as we stumble upon Michael Nieling from the mornings session and his friend Anne and we hand out with them for a few hours. And that wraps up the day in an awesome way: say shit yeah and new things will happen. Especially here at SXSW in Austin.